Friday, October 2, 2009

how to be a bridesmaid.....

so you may remember, a few months ago (right here) i went out with my fabulous friend whitney to catch up on life, love, and all those other mysteries. we chatted the night away and i heard the beautiful story of a new boy in her life named JD....

as it turns out, he was more than just 'a boy'....he was 'the boy'....or i guess you could say 'the man' of her dreams. i am sooooo excited to say that last wednesday night he proposed and they are getting married in may!!!

ANNNNNND to top it all off, she has given me the honor of being a bridesmaid.

to say i am excited is an understatement. i can not wait to watch one of my closest friends get married. to get to be a part of her unfolding love story is such a blessing.

SOOOO this is going to be my first bridesmaid rodeo---and i need some advice because i want to be nothing less than a fabulous bridesmaid...because, i mean.....

....just look how fabulous she is.....she deserves nothing less than the best!!! (pardon the photo quality- i had to jack this picture off facebook and it doesnt convert well)....

love you whitney!! and sooooo excited for you.

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  1. I am starting to become a professional bridesmaid (even though I've only been a real bridesmaid once). I've played wedding planner/fake bridesmaid four times now... and there are 2 big tips I think are important.

    1. Ask the bride if she needs help. Mention it constantly and offer to be around whenever she needs anything. Even if it's something mundane like running to Hobby Lobby to look for something.
    2. Make lists! From day 1 I started making lists of things: things needed the day of, things needed for rehearsal, etc. Make a master list of these things and then pack an emergency kit a week before the wedding. Things get SO crazy the week of the wedding that it's soo important to be prepared.

    Wow, I just wrote you a paragraph. Enjoy!