Sunday, May 31, 2009

I caved….

I had a really busy past few days because the boy moved into a new house and I was basically his moving assistant. haha. After we got through most of the moving, we headed to the lake to relax and hang out with my family.

Anyway….the point of this post is that I caved….For weeks, I have strolled by maxi dresses and scrolled through other blogs singing their praises because I had it set in my mind that a maxi dress does not work on a girl who tops out at 5 foot nothing.

But tonight at target I saw one and I thought…”why not”…i tried it on, and OMGOSH it actually looked really cute, and draped to my feet just as it should.

I could have bought one in every color but I stuck to buying just one….I have a feeling though it will be my favorite dress of the summer….

Anyway, I’m glad I finally got over my fear of maxi dresses and tried one on.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


here was my morning:

10:12- arrived on campus and parked in student center parking                                                                 10:15- quick meeting with my advisor
10:25- went to student center and got a parking pass for the summer.                                                           10:27- walked out of student center
10:28- ran frantically through the parking lot screaming at the girl writing/placing a ticket on my car.
10:30- she agreed to void the ticket for "failure to display proper sticker" since i had parked to *uh-hum* "just go in and get my sticker"
10:31- she laughed at me for sprinting across campus while yelling and waving my arms
10:35- drove car over to presidents office (where i work on campus) to park
10:45- dad calls to go to lunch
10:55- walk out to my car
10:56- cussed because i had a ticket for "parking in undesignated area" under my windshield.

apparently i am only allowed to park in the commuter lot.

i guess you win some and you lose some.

P.S. my mom almost got a ticket today too. must be genetic or something.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate

Dear Jon and Kate,

Please grow up and figure out all your little problems. Your 8 need you and it made me sad to see yall all pouty and whiny on your show.



Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh Mr.Sun

Dear Rain,

Since I am better at writing my feelings than discussing them AND since you are a weather element and not an actual person, I felt it necessary to address a few grievances with you in letter format.

This weekend was Memorial Day. Aside from what it means when it comes to remembering the men and women who fight for our country; it is also, in essence, opening weekend for summer!

Your messenger, the weatherman, informed us you would be coming but I hoped you would at least be polite about it.

Friday you came in the afternoon as promised and then the skies cleared. The family grilled hamburgers and watched the skies convinced of your absence. We prepared the outdoor table and chairs and all sat down to enjoy a meal on the deck with a nice view of the lake.

I can only assume you were jealous of our fine meal and that is why you decided to open your flood gates right as we were midway into the meal, thus forcing us to not just grab our food; but grab the entire table and carry it into the basement before we were drenched.

Saturday we pulled out the boat to clean and prepare for the rest of the summer with the promise and hope, yet again, from Mr.Weatherman that you would stay at bay until the afternoon. Unfortunately, mid-boat-clean you came, and apparently tried to “help” us clean the boat, soaking us all in the process.

Sunday was no different, in your on-again, off-again appearances.

But the most frustrating part of it all is how today, Monday, the day we had to pack up and head home, you were no where to be found and allowed the sun to shine down on us all day long…..*giant sigh*

We are going to have to come to some sort of agreement, Mr.Rain or this is going to be a very long summer.




A view of all the clouds rolling in…

Don't worry though, we did have some sunshine, and had a great time at the lake!

We were even able to go ride around on the boat a little bit.





This is our dog Charlie. He loves going out on the lake and riding up front with my sister and me….until he hears the motor get loud and he knows he better jump in one of our laps quick!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

oh and P.S…..

if ever down the road I get married and ultimately become pregnant….you will never see me in one of these:


i’m bad at thinking of titles….

today i slum-dogged it to class and wore jeans and a t-shirt. and then i saw this girl all dressed up in a little cute sun dress (a dress which i also own) and i was like “man, i should really have put a little more effort into myself today” lol.

buttttt i wore this shirt…so my cool points went back up a little bit….


it was kind of sad though because there is one other girl in my class today and she was old and could not appreciate the antiquity and cuteness of my american girl t-shirt. and there were of course no guys who came up to me and said “oh wow- i have an american girl doll too. lets play together”…..

anyway this weekend i plan to:

(1) get to sleep before 2 am. (it has not happened this week).

(2) not sit around and eat all day…

i’m so ready to get to the lake. daniel still isnt off work yet and then we have our small group bible study before we can leave….we wont get there till like 11:30 late.

i want chipotle.

this entry is very spastic.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

its my life.

today was good. i dont have class till 6:00 pm on mondays and wednesdays which is weird because…well i dont know why its weird..but it is….so anyway i worked in the presidents office then went back to the apartment for a little bit before i headed out on a date with myself to chick-fil-a. i hadnt been there in like 6 days and i was having withdrawals. it was yummy. i sat in my car and listened to podcasts on my ipod while i ate. (after i read back over the past few sentences it makes me feel like a fatty loser…but…well…haha)

class was long…and boring…but my management professor is like the cutest old man i have ever seen. he has this gray wirey comb-over thing going on and he wears a suit and tie every day. it makes me smile. he seems to like me ever since he found out i co-oped at shaw. every thing that comes up in class he somehow finds a way to ask me “how shaw does it…” haha.

after i went to daniels and we hung out for a little bit and caught up on the day. he finally found a place to live and what seems to be a really nice guy to live with. i am so thankful. God is so good in working things out in his perfect timing…

now i’m just sitting in my apartment, perusing facebook, and avoiding doing laundry….lol.

my cute roommate is obsessed with older music and this is her song of the day….so its in my head which kind of makes it my song of the day….

lake this weekend!!!! YAY!



Monday, May 18, 2009

so much

this weekend was great. zadie graduated and turned 18 all in one day!!! we had a lot of fun and then headed to the lake where we saw a snake eating a squirrel…(YUCK) and then had a neighbor party. we met so many neighbors we did not know and i might even be babysitting for one family who has 2 cute little boys.

zadie leaves for camp glisson next weekend to stay for like 5 weeks….i’m excited for her but i’m dreading it…idk if i can stand for her to be gone that long!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a wonderful wednesday

so this morning when i stepped outside i learned two things:

(1) the cute summer dress i was wearing was entirely inappropriate for the “unseasonably” cool day we were having.

(2) the 10% chance of rain provided by the weatherman was missing a “0” on the end.

i went and got my haircut! and i love it. i also bought a new unreasonably expensive hair dryer but i believe it will be completely worth it. sometimes you do get what you pay for and this thing rocks. i wish i had a “before/after” shot but i’ll give a “before” description instead: dry, brittle, stringy hair. and then below is the “after” shot.


tonight me and the boyfriend hung out, cooked some dinner, and i watched him play with his new bike.

and well….thats pretty much it!



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

new at this

Thoughts on Today:

(1) I saw a women single handedly fill up a landfill as she pulled like 10 paper towels to dry her hands. No wonder places are replacing paper towels with hand dryers. (totally frustrating because my hands dont feel clean if I cant dry them with a paper towel.)

(2) I am so happy my cute room mate is home so I dont have to stay in the apartment all alone---even though I am mad at her because she is nice and tan.

(3) I’m kind of excited about classes starting…which makes me a total lame-o. Even more so I am excited about my IE classes….

(4) I feel gross because I ate taco bell for dinner…even if it was really good.

(5) I cant wait to get my hair cut tomorrow.

(6) Today I am reminded that I am thankful that God is never-changing even through my ups and downs….He is still faithful and in control.