Thursday, October 22, 2009

college moment #1

this afternoon i am walking across campus with my eyes glued to my blackberry reading twitter updates when i hear a heavily Indian accented voice say “um sorry excuse me…sorry…mam?”

i look up and around- and wow- hes talking to me. i say “yeah hey?”

“um yeah sorry to bother you. this is stupid but sorry can I ask you a question?”

“Ok,” I smile and wait for him to continue….

“see well um this is my first day in atlanta” (he holds open his arms demonstrating the “atlanta-ness”) “and well my girlfriend isnt here”

--->Oh. Crap. What is he about to ask me? *crazy thoughts run through head* but I didnt see any kind of video camera---so even though run was flashing in my brain, I waited. *Inhale*.

“See, but, um, she is coming here though”

--->Phew. annnnnd exhale.

“And, well um I want to teach her driving. But she can not try it on the highway” (he chuckles, because that was funny) “so where should I go?”

I began babbling about empty parking lots and yada yada and he nodded while listening. It was a good question—idk a lot of places where you would take people to practice driving, and the racetrack was definitely irrational.

I ended by saying “sorry, I just dont really know any good places…”

he smiled and said “Dont be sorry, youre awesome!” (still with heavily thick accent)

it made my day.

and now i’m remembering the hours of reading ahead of me…..but why should i worry… “i’m awesome”….haha….in a totally non-conceited kind of way.

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