Wednesday, October 7, 2009

workin it out

today marked a pretty momentous day in my pretty monotonous life of school/work/school/work.

(1) for once, i had no pressing homework this evening. and by pressing- i mean anything due tomorrow.

(2) this meant, i worked out.

when you are in school- it is easy to excuse away working out….which i have become a pro at….

today though- as i scrolled through my blackberry calendar events and realized i really did have a semi-free evening---i decided to do it. i’m not really aiming to lose weight- as much as i’m trying to just get back into shape and get toned for my big bridesmaid appearance come next may….

i walked to my apartments gym and jumped on the stationary bike.

pros of the stationary bike: you get to sit making it feel like “semi-lazy” exercising, and power ballad= “the climb”-miley cyrus.

cons: butt sweat (hey whats a blog if you cant be honest), stairs afterward, and less-than-polite words my legs had to say to me afterward.

who knows when the next workout will happen so the 20 minutes and 173 calories (according to the machine) burned today will have to do for a while…..

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