Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a medium crush

So thanks to lifetime being dedicated and determined to cause procrastination in my life-- they now show back to back episodes of ‘greys anatomy’ AND then ‘medium’ every weeknight.

i had never watched ‘medium’ but since it immediately follows ‘greys’ and since i’m not that fast with my remote, i was sucked in one day and now my tv ends up staying on lifetime from 5-11 every day….or uh, a timeframe less pathetic than that….

many of the story lines absolutely creep me out and patricia arquettes character can drain my nerves and i think one of the little girls looks like a boy…

so why do i keep watching…mostly because i think the tv husband joe (aka jake weber) is such a cutey.

maybe its because hes an engineer in the show and a great supportive dad/husband who deals nicely with all of his wifes issues but i dont know, i just think hes adorable.



my crush is actually kind of a big deal because typically i am not a fan of the shaggy hair. but i think he wears it quite nicely.

so are you with me? isnt he cute?

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