Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a letter

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry that I have had no time to write on you. I have been busy on a stupid group project.

The semester is winding down viciously. Isnt it amazing how quickly college students can go from cool and collected to stressed and crazy.

Most of them turn into jerks.

I’m trying to stay one of the nice ones.

Only a few more weeks and I’ll be enjoying Christmas break.

*mmmmm* Christmas!!! I cant wait!

I’ll write soon dear Blog. I promise!



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall-ish Thoughts

So I know I spent most of the beginning of “Fall” complaining about cold- but now that I am in the swing of things (coldness, jackets, boots, etc), I thought a few things I like about Fall would be appropriate.

(1) Scarves. I love them. I went to a private school with a strict dress code limiting us to black, red, or white polos with khakis. The only way to demonstrate our “style” was essentially accessories---ESPECIALLY scarves. In fall, the girls would wear a different scarf just about every day. I got really used it- and now as soon as it gets cold,  it seems like I need one to hold my head on.

(2) Candles. I’m a candle freak anyway, but when it is cold, there is NOTHING like having a bunch of candles lit with “vanilla sugar” and “pumpkin spice” scents surrounding the room.

(3) Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme/Dunkin Doughnuts. I dont have much to say about these, except that if I continue to eat them like they are necessary in my diet, I will have enough flubber to sell all my jackets.

(4) TV. This is kind of iffy because so many networks have summer series now that I am obsessed with as well. Army Wives much???? But it is still nice to have Greys back!

(5) Thanksgiving….orrr except not really, my family kind of skips Thanksgiving and goes on a trip---but thats a different post!

What are your fall favorites?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

gateway blogs…

So they say that there are certain drugs that will eventually lead into other drugs, which lead into other drugs, which lead into other drugs….and so on, and so on. They call these drugs ‘gateway drugs’….

Lately, I’ve been thinking of my ‘gateway blogs’……

The first blog I ever read was about a little girl named Harper and her sweet mom Kelly. One of my friends had posted a status asking prayers for Harper, along with a link. I clicked there and I was enthralled in the life of Kellys Korner. I sat up most of the night reading through her blog.

While reading through Kelly’s blog, I saw a button on the side asking for Prayers for Stellan. I was curios. My curiosity lead me to MckMama. Again, I fell in love with her pictures, her kids, and baby Stellan.

On MckMamas, I read about Audrey Caroline. I was lead to Angie Smiths blog to read the story of her daughter Audrey who had died after only 2 hours of life. Angie is an amazing writer and also the wife of Todd Smith of Selah.

Just recently, Angie highlighted on her twitter about “NIE-NIE being on Oprah”….Who was “Nie-Nie”??? Once again, my curiosity lead me to her blog. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday reading from start to finish the NieNie Dialogues. If you do not know her story---go now, dont wait. She is an amazing woman- and her blog is so fun!

Sooo after I recognized all these ‘gateway blogs’- I realized ALL of them were Mommy blogs. Seriously? I am 21 years old and I all read are Mommy  Blogs.

After this I registered for 20 Something Bloggers and I’m so happy to be reading blogs now (along still with all the ones above) about people my age! haha.

What were your gateway blogs?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

tricky tricky

I will now sum up my past few days in only a few paragraphs. GO.

I didnt do halloween. the original plans we had fell through and so we were kind of stuck with…nothing…We ended up hanging out with some friends. No one was dressed up, and we had no trick or treaters----but we played Apples to Apples until like 3 am.

Sunday was our “anniversary”. We went to church Sunday morning. It was a our second time visiting this particular church and we really really like it.

After church, we went back to my apartment to cook lunch and had a conversation similar to this:

Me: “Man, I’d really like to take my car to a car wash. Its growing toxic mold so nasty.”

Daniel: “It would be so much cheaper if we just washed it ourselves. I have soap and stuff.”

Me: “But if we wash it ourselves we wont have time for me to spend the afternoon watching movies and reading blogs to go to Microcenter*. Wouldnt you like to go up there?”

Daniel: “Ooooh yeah, I guess we will just run it through the car wash and then go to Microcenter.”

**Microcenter=nerd heaven of where computer parts and technology go to die.

Soooo that is how good my reverse psychology is. It was way too cold for us to wash my car ourselves anyway- and the drive thru did just fine!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 years

technically halloween night is the 2 year anniversary of when daniel asked me to be his girlfriend. i was up late studying and he had gone to the BCM costume party, because baptists dont celebrate halloween ;) , and then he came by my apartment to say hello….

we had only been dating a month but it had been so easy. i was praying and i knew he was praying and everything was just…good.

so that halloween night, he arrived at my apartment shockingly dressed as a cowboy and asked if i would be his girlfriend. i said yes…and then realized it was still halloween which seemed like a weird day for a romantic event…..so we just waited till after midnight to put it on facebook because that makes everything official anyway. regardless, i say our anniversary is november 1st.

the past 2 years have by far not been easy. but i am thankful for that.

it is the moments when we have fought together, sobbed together, been on our knees praying together, and faced tremendous challenges and struggles as a couple when i have seen him for the amazing man he is. its those times i’ve been challenged and God has molded me into the woman i am today.

tonight as we headed to dinner and a movie i said, “i’m glad to be going on a date with you. you are my favorite boyfriend!”

he said “really? i’m your favorite….its for my good looks and money right?”

and as we went to get our $3.00 a piece slice of pizza---i said, “yes, its totally for your money.”

i love you daniel! happy anniversary!