Monday, March 8, 2010

1 day shredded. 29 more to go.

Today was the day. I ate CFA for lunch and promised myself a hardcore Jillian workout tonight.

I go to my DVD player, press open and prepare to pop in the torture.

Only my DVD player would not open….shaking did nothing. Hitting did nothing. and pausing to update my status on twitter really did nothing….

….so I did what any MacGyver engineer would do…



After taking the whole thing apart and removing all the doo-dads, I determined that I knew nothing about DVD players.

Sooo I considered forgetting it, turning on the TV and playing on FB all night…but then I looked down and saw Jillians “grr” face and came up with the next best option.

I unscrewed the top doo-dad, put the DVD in, then screwed it back on….who needs those doors anyway…I felt like I was putting a record on a record player…ancient, I know…haha

It was an intense workout, but I think it is do-able. 20 minutes a day isn't that bad, and I am glad that you can increase intensities once the workout becomes easier…I’ll be on level 1 for a while.

happy monday everyone!

<3 katelyn

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quack Quack

This past weekend my family went down to the lake.

The lake is home for me. We absolutely love our neighbors there and have such a great community.

Last summer one of our neighbors bought 6 ducklings. When they were teeny-tiny she left them in a cage in her basement and I got to hold and play with them. I was thrilled to do that until one of them peed in my hand….moving on though….

She raised them until they were old enough to be let go into the lake.

Two of them have gone missing mysteriously, but the other 4 swim around our cove and always end back up on our neighbors dock, then wander into her garden to snack and quack around…


IMG_0084… then my dog Charlie sees that I am obviously in peril and comes running after me to save me from the ducks…


….quickly ending their snack and quack time….


…but none-the-less giving me a chance to try my hand at ‘wildlife photography’…haha..

hope everyone had lovely weekends!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Panera Freaks Me Out….

Last night Daniel and I went to Target to just wander aimlessly around. It was wonderful. And since I cant go to Target without leaving with something, and because I know you are dying to know what I got;

-Blue 32 oz Nalgene Bottle

-The Shred by Jillian Micheals (Aside: Dear Ms.Micheals, Forgive me but I will not be able to schedule a time with you until like next Monday because I need one more weekend of non-painful muscles and eating whatever I want. K-thanks.)

-A set of 3 pound weights

-The Knot Wedding Catalog Extraordinaire (It was $10 and worth every penny.)

As I was putting it on the conveyor, I looked at Daniel and said “Wow, bet you cant figure out my life right now….” haha. (I’m not really trying to lose weight as much as just trying to get toned up for my Bridesmaid Debut this May.)

Tonight I met a good friend I hadn't seen in a while at Panera. We were going to go to Atlanta Bread Company but she said it made her clothes smell and we wanted something ABC like so Panera seemed like an obvious next choice.

I got stressed out as soon as we walked in. I’m only been there twice. If I cant say a number to order, I’m lost. So I’m having to calculate what all I need to order together to get the most calories at one time.

There are so many trendy choices with trendy names and ah I just cant decide and the guy is just standing there staring at me like “whattt do yooooou wannnnnnt!?!?!?!” and trendy people on Mac books are looking up at the girls giggling at the counter because Panera is apparently a non-giggling zone.

Ah stressful….I think I’ll just stick to (look away Jillian) my Number 1 at Chick-Fil-a….



Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday. March. McLinky. and Me.

Mmmmm well lately I have joined a lot of blog hop links to find some new blogs to read and meet some new friends!

My latest new blog read is Alex at Only Human. She did a quick intro post for anyone who had linked over from Kellys Korner, and I thought it was a great idea so allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Katelyn and I’m alllllmost 22 years old. I’m always cold, except when I’m hot. I’d probably be malnourished if it wasn't for Chick-Fil-A. I am studying Industrial Engineering and will FINALLY graduate in December. I met my fiancĂ© Daniel in Calculus class,  and it was love at first derivative (er something). He is studying Mechanical Engineering so most of our arguments involve thinking our own way is the right way…haha. But we’ve learned how to laugh about it and we have a ton of fun together! I’m learning a lot about submission though especially as I prepare to get married. (I also have a lot to learn about wedding planning, because I totally stink at it.)


I am really close to my family and my sister Zadie is my BEST friend.  My family has a cat and dog that I pretty much equate to younger brothers and sisters. We love them.





I drink at least one Diet Coke today. I love office supplies. I LOVE FOOTBALL. My TV mostly switches between HGTV, Food Network, Lifetime, and TLC. Grey’s Anatomy is about the only show I faithfully watch- but I grew up loving Friends, CSI, and ER. Right now, as I type this- “Secret Life of the American Teenager” is on because it is sick and twisted in a fun kind of way. Daniel and I sit and laugh as we watch. I’m totally into the Bachelor right now too even though I hate it…in a hate/love kind of way. I’m also the type of girl who will sit and watch any kind of educational program. “How its Made”—yes please!

Music equals Country and Christian. I usually only begin liking a pop song after everyone else hates it and is sick of hearing it.

I love taking pictures much to my family's dismay sometimes since I’m always the one saying “Stop- everyone get together so I can get a picture!” For Christmas I got a Rebel XSi and I have no idea how to use it, but I’m learning….haha

In the summer you can find me on the lake. I looove kneeboarding, wakeboarding, and skiing!

I love the Lord and I have so much to learn about life, but mostly I am learning to put my trust in Him each day. He has always been faithful.

I hope you enjoy my blog! I’m so happy March is here. Spring is around the corner and then SUMMER!!