Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dead Bug…

A few days ago, I was looking through a stack of mail and noticed a local community magazine sort of deal. I thought it might be interesting, so I flipped through it. It wasn't interesting. It basically just profiled several businesses and contained coupons and offers for places around town.

One coupon especially caught my eye. A coupon for free admission to a local skating rink. Score. Actually it was two coupons for free admission. Double Score.

Today boyfriend and I had planned to wash our cars or go ride bikes or do something fun since we both had free afternoons. It started raining, and so I remembered my coupons.

So we went to this skating rink, and can I just say I felt like I had stepped back into 1995 at elementary school skate night. I was the skating queen, young and sweet, only….7.

We had so much fun skating around with the funky lights and disco ball. I did miss one thing though---at my elementary school skate night we played “Dead Bug”. Cheesy music would play and then as soon as it stopped you had to hit the floor and play dead. Morbid? Maybe….Did I win the game as being the most realistic looking dead bug? Yes!!!

Tomorrow I will be paying for this skating day…as I already am having trouble walking up stairs….Supposedly you can burn like 1200 calories in 2 hours of skating. Awesome!…too bad we went out for pizza afterwards which probably put me back into negative calories burned…fail.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old Friends and The Heimlich

Is it really Wednesday and I am just now writing about my weekend? Yes. haha.

Friday night I went out with one of my dear friends from highschool, Whitney, it had been forever since I had seen her and yet we still chatted the night away into wee hours of the morning. We went to a small private highschool so we even flipped through the yearbook of everyones picture and discussed where they were today….our source?---excellent facebook stalking skills of course! haha.

DSC04149Saturday, boyfriend, his family and I went to visit his sister at the camp she is working at this summer. Saturday night we went out to dinner to one of those backwoods BBQ places. Right as we walked in the door, there was a woman who had just started choking. Not “cough cough” choking but literally “turning red, could not breathe, making the choking sign around her neck” choking. People were going up to her trying to help and someone yelled “Call 911”. Finally a nurse at the other side of the restaurant realized the commotion and went over to perform the Heimlich, and the lady coughed up whatever she had choked on. Everyone stood kind of in amazement for a minute, but thankfully the lady was ok…..

It made me want to learn the Heimlich because I felt so helpless. I realize it seems easy enough but I wouldnt have (and definitely wasnt confident) known where to hold her or hit her or whatever has to be done to help.

I havent learned it yet…hopefully I can get to that, ya know, when classes finally end.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

actually, i am still alive

school has been consuming my life lately, unfortunately. but summer classes end july 23rd with 2 big presentations. excellent. and then i will have a month to sit and ponder on the actual insanity that is my fall schedule.

in other news. this past weekend was awesome. we spent the weekend at the lake for the fourth which was so much fun with lots of good fooDSC04722d and good times. my sister got to be there since she had the weekend off from the camp she has been working at.

If I am not on the boat, you can typically find me on this swing….I love it…


Boyfriend and I enjoyed riding on the boat on the way to see the fireworks. He was channeling my dad with the bandana. He had just buzzed his head so heDSC04736 was scared of getting sunburn. My dad also has very little hair so he wears a bandana too. They kind of matched. Haha….

This is also another place I frequented this past weekend….DSC04828 I am reading “The Scarlet Thread” by Francine Rivers. I love her writing. She wrote “Redeeming Love” which is one of the most powerful books I think I’ve ever read. I HIGHLY recommend it.

And finally, my mom, dad, boyfriend and i went to see Transformers 2….a total guy flick, and also 2 hours and 24 minutes of my life I will never get back. My dad and boyfriend enjoyed it---but my mom sat and played on our blackberries the whole time….haha

Anyway…now its back to school work and studying. blah!!!