Monday, October 19, 2009

confessions #1

i guess this could kind of be like “not me monday” by mckmama, but mine are not the same as hers because i dont have 4 adorable little children… more or less like usher, these are my confessions….

(1) i paid exactly zero attention in human resource management this morning. i followed social cues by looking at the people talking, and making “thinking” faces---but i was really just thinking about how i needed a haircut, and waiting for my professor to face the other direction so i could check my vibrating blackberry.

(2) i got chick-fil-a for lunch….even though i had brought a weight watchers smart one to heat and eat. i just couldnt do it. the chick-fil-a magnet was too strong.

(3) i was healthy and got a fruit cup from cfa…..BUT i dipped all the apples in chick-fil-a sauce. its actually quite a yummy “fruit-sauce”….dont judge.

ummmmm so yeah like i said----definitely not usher worthy but confessions of my day none the less.

1 comment:

  1. bwahaha! making thinking faces. its what i do all the time too.

    i have perfected the `uh huh! of course i am paying the utmost attention to you!` look. its a classic