Thursday, November 4, 2010

a heavy heart for Haiti

Tonight when my family got home, some kind of animal had invaded our trash and there was a huge stinky mess. I got a trash bag and went to help my Dad pick it up. The stench was horrendous, but so familiar to the constant smell that surrounds you as you drive through the streets of Haiti. Immediately my heart was reminded of them.

When I returned from Haiti, my heart was often heavy for the people there during the most mundane tasks. Brushing my teeth with clean water. The power not going out during a hard rain. Driving on smooth pavement.

Its hard to not be cliché when you describe an event that absolutely changed your life forever. Its hard to turn a blind eye to people who have held your hands. DSC04808

Its hard to forget little girls who you had absolutely no language communication with yet the bond you felt them was undeniably straight from the Lord. DSC04838

Tonight I’ve been thinking about Haiti even more heavily as the news talks about Tropical Storm Tomas headed straight for them. It literally breaks. my. heart. as I think about how most of the country's living conditions still look a lot like this:


I often find myself praying and reflecting in the weirdest moments and tonight as I was washing my face, I was praying fervently “Father God I believe You can change the course of this storm. You can weaken it. You can stop it completely. Please God for the people of Haiti, save them, protect them, from this.”…..God reminded me of His will, and my thoughts not being His thoughts and so I prayed further … “God bring comfort and peace to the children who touched my heart so deeply. Surround them so they will not be afraid.”


It was then I noticed the bracelet that has been on my right hand wrist for the past 3 months. My team made bracelets with the children with beads to remember Bible stories from the story of Noah, to the 10 Commandments, to the story of Christ.

One of the beads was a fish to tell the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. A story of provision.


I pray that tonight as the winds blow, and the rain pours that those children will be reminded of Gods grace, love, provision, and purpose for their lives. I pray they will remember Noah and the covenant God made with the rainbow. I pray they remember the story of Jesus and His love and sacrifice for THEM. And I pray they remember the story of the 5000 and Gods provision for His people.

I pray that they feel the prayers of me and so many others for their safety and strength.