Saturday, October 24, 2009

american girl insanity

so apparently it is almost christmas. not really but close enough because my parents house has been flooded with catalogs promising delivery by christmas if ordered soon or whatever…

anyway i was flipping through some and came to the “American Girl” catalog. when i was a tween (or even um now) i was completely obsessed with American Girl dolls. i have 3. Samantha (the Victorian era doll), Meghan (created to look like me), and Rose (she had red hair and Titanic had just come out- what can i say).

so anyway i’m flipping through this magazine and realize Samantha is not in there. when i went online to see what the deal was---she has been RETIRED, or as they tried to eloquently put it; archived.

samantha-thumb-320x371 ummm seriously American Girl???? you retired the classiest and prettiest doll in that entire series???

what american girl doll were you?


  1. I loved my Kirsten doll so much I ruined her hair. I can't believe it, but I'm contemplating sending her to the American Girl Doctor to have new hair put on.


  2. you should get her fixed up....maybe even buy another Kiersten---because she is "archived" as well after this Christmas....