Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just tuesday stuff

one of my professors got his hair colored…..poorly….and obviously. he went from salt and pepper black and gray---to browny auburn purply almost….idk it was weird. it totally distracted me through class.

i met with my advisor today. everything is on track to graduate fall 2010---unless the state of georgia runs completely out of money and limited classes are offered next summer….meaning i wouldnt be able to get the classes i need and graduation would be pushed to the following spring. if this happens i will try to not march the steps of the capitol building in protest….or something irrational like that.

today i realized i hardly ever walk on the sidewalks around my campus. maybe its because the sidewalks never seem to go in the direction i’m going---or maybe i’m just rebellious like that.

its 6:30. i’ve been through 3 classes…and yet i have another one at 7:30….followed by hours of reading for human resource management. yay!

i’ve already had my diet coke for the day. i try to keep it to one. it makes me feel healthier. but this might be a double diet coke day. woah- two rebellions in one day…

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