Friday, February 26, 2010

Follow Friday FINALLY!

So I’ve been wanting to do Follow me Friday for quite some time now….but I work on Fridays and sometimes my blogging is sporadic so I just havent…

….but today I get to because I am stuck at my apartment with a MAJOR leak….walking across my living room is like walking through a marsh.

Awesome, right???

Well….kind of because I got to leave work early and spend the afternoon perusing blogs while the maintenance men vacuum up gallons of water!

follow friday




Happy weekend everyone!!! Thanks for coming to check out my blog!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

“The Little (Fill in the Blank)”

I’m short.

At (almost) 22 years old, I am 5 ft. even barefoot and soaking wet. (yes I know, whether or not I’m wet has nothing to do with it…)

Obviously I have become pretty used to being closer to the ground  than everyone else….


(high school friends from school)


(high school friends from church)


(early picture of me and daniel showing our height comparison)

Its not just that I hang out with tall people…because well, all people around me are tall…including my 3 year younger sister.


Anyway, most days I deal with it (because I have so many other options right, haha)---but for some reason today I was really aware of my height.

I’m not sure if I was just particularly around that many tall people or the phrase “Wow- you’re so short” followed by “aww” was said one too many times….butttt I started feeling weird about being short.

So tonight I came home and turned on my TV and “The Little Couple” was on and I realized I was not that short at all….and it put things in perspective, and I realized that God made me just the way I am and I am abundantly thankful for that….

But then (yes, this post about “shortness” is not short at all…) I saw previews for another “little family” show on TLC….

and I was like…

Seriously??? TLC has like 4 shows on “little people”….

Ahem; “Little People, Big World”, “The Little Couple”, “Little Chocolatears”, and “The Little Family” (I think those are the correct names, am I missing any???)….

So I ask, what's with all the ‘little-lovin’??? Isn’t it kind of out of control now TLC?

Unfortunately though, I am not technically “little”---I’m just short…so don't look for “The Little Lady Engineer” on TLC anytime soon…..haha!

<3 katelyn

Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Know You’re from the South…

when it snows like this….



and the roads are like this……



and the local news begs you to stay OFF the roads…..


   …and all you can think about is risking your life car to go here


…for a chicken biscuit, tea, and some coffee…

IMG_0153 IMG_0155


Happy Snow Day Atlanta!!!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oh jake….

Here are some quick thoughts while watching the Bachelor.

*Date with Tenley:

Wow, I really like Tenley, I hope he chooses her.”

Seriously Jake, lose the mock turtleneck.”

*Double date with Gia/Vienna:

Poor Gia is stuck on this awful date with awful Vienna.”

What is Vienna wearing? And why is she wandering around a castle by herself?”

*Date with Corrie:

“Corrie seems really sweet.”

~Corrie claims her virginity~

OH MY GOSH I love Corrie. She is such a nice girl. He is an idiot if he doesn’t pick her especially because he is going on and on about how he respects that. Wow I really like Jake because he is being so cool with it all!”

*Date with Ali:

Ali is really obnoxious and saying and doing everything Jake wants. Shes fake. I dont like her.”

*Rose Ceremony:

Wow. I hate Jake. He is an idiot for keeping Vienna. I dont like her.”

And then I thought about how stupid this show is and how I shouldn't watch it anymore, and then the previews came on, and I set a reminder in my blackberry for next week.

Mmmmm family time…should be interesting!!

Which girl is your pick for Jake???