Thursday, October 29, 2009

an obsession confession

So I have a little thing for Target.

I could walk up and down the aisles for hours—which is exactly what Daniel and I did tonight.

I head for the womens clothing and he heads to mens clothing, then we wonder aimlessly through the entire store and usually find each other around the kitchen gear. No aisle is left un-strode.

I also fulfilled my one fall craving for a pumpkin spice doughnut from Krisy Kreme. I made yummy noises the whole time I ate it.


P.S. Target online is equally addicting. Since it has been raining like we were in Noah's time here lately in Georgia- I decided it was time to purchase some rain boots- and I found some adorable ones on!!! I heart online shopping!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ridiculous, right?

So last week I had to go people watch for a paper in my communication class. My professor didn't really give us much direction except to watch people, and give 5 examples of specific interactions.

So. I did just that. I went to Chick-Fil-A, got some dinner, and started watching. I got my 5 examples and with intro and conclusion the paper ended up being about 6 pages.

She gave our papers back yesterday. I flipped through page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. There were no comments. No corrections. NOTHING—until the very last page where at the bottom, in small print was “100”.

I glanced around and the papers around me had marks, comments, and corrections- and lower grades.

Am I crazy for feeling jipped? I’m the type of person who desires feedback—so I was kind of upset I didnt get any….not even a correction to grammatical errors I KNOW were in there.

When I was in high school, all my teachers refused to give “100’s” on papers because they felt there was no such thing as a perfect paper. Theres always room for improvement or some crap thing like that….

I always thought they were crazy, and I remember being annoyed when I would get papers back that looked like someone had bled out on them…..and now, I experience the complete opposite and I’m annoyed too.

I am crazy right?

I mean, really, I should just be thrilled with a 100.

I’ll just move on….

…..but like, she could have at least written “good”…..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr.Loud Talker

So there is this guy who is in my major. We have had several classes together and I always see him in the classroom building where all of our major classes are.

Typically when I see him he is pacing the hallway talking on his cell-phone LOUDLY.

He is obnoxious.

Several times when I have overheard his conversations, they have been drug or alcohol related. “dude I got so wasted”, “dude I was high all through class”….etc. etc.

However; today took the cake---he was talking to his girlfriend and having a very very private natured phone call. I was astounded that he would STILL talk LOUDLY while talking about that AROUND SEVERAL people.

Do people have no dignity anymore?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

american girl insanity

so apparently it is almost christmas. not really but close enough because my parents house has been flooded with catalogs promising delivery by christmas if ordered soon or whatever…

anyway i was flipping through some and came to the “American Girl” catalog. when i was a tween (or even um now) i was completely obsessed with American Girl dolls. i have 3. Samantha (the Victorian era doll), Meghan (created to look like me), and Rose (she had red hair and Titanic had just come out- what can i say).

so anyway i’m flipping through this magazine and realize Samantha is not in there. when i went online to see what the deal was---she has been RETIRED, or as they tried to eloquently put it; archived.

samantha-thumb-320x371 ummm seriously American Girl???? you retired the classiest and prettiest doll in that entire series???

what american girl doll were you?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

college moment #1

this afternoon i am walking across campus with my eyes glued to my blackberry reading twitter updates when i hear a heavily Indian accented voice say “um sorry excuse me…sorry…mam?”

i look up and around- and wow- hes talking to me. i say “yeah hey?”

“um yeah sorry to bother you. this is stupid but sorry can I ask you a question?”

“Ok,” I smile and wait for him to continue….

“see well um this is my first day in atlanta” (he holds open his arms demonstrating the “atlanta-ness”) “and well my girlfriend isnt here”

--->Oh. Crap. What is he about to ask me? *crazy thoughts run through head* but I didnt see any kind of video camera---so even though run was flashing in my brain, I waited. *Inhale*.

“See, but, um, she is coming here though”

--->Phew. annnnnd exhale.

“And, well um I want to teach her driving. But she can not try it on the highway” (he chuckles, because that was funny) “so where should I go?”

I began babbling about empty parking lots and yada yada and he nodded while listening. It was a good question—idk a lot of places where you would take people to practice driving, and the racetrack was definitely irrational.

I ended by saying “sorry, I just dont really know any good places…”

he smiled and said “Dont be sorry, youre awesome!” (still with heavily thick accent)

it made my day.

and now i’m remembering the hours of reading ahead of me…..but why should i worry… “i’m awesome”….haha….in a totally non-conceited kind of way.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just tuesday stuff

one of my professors got his hair colored…..poorly….and obviously. he went from salt and pepper black and gray---to browny auburn purply almost….idk it was weird. it totally distracted me through class.

i met with my advisor today. everything is on track to graduate fall 2010---unless the state of georgia runs completely out of money and limited classes are offered next summer….meaning i wouldnt be able to get the classes i need and graduation would be pushed to the following spring. if this happens i will try to not march the steps of the capitol building in protest….or something irrational like that.

today i realized i hardly ever walk on the sidewalks around my campus. maybe its because the sidewalks never seem to go in the direction i’m going---or maybe i’m just rebellious like that.

its 6:30. i’ve been through 3 classes…and yet i have another one at 7:30….followed by hours of reading for human resource management. yay!

i’ve already had my diet coke for the day. i try to keep it to one. it makes me feel healthier. but this might be a double diet coke day. woah- two rebellions in one day…

Monday, October 19, 2009

confessions #1

i guess this could kind of be like “not me monday” by mckmama, but mine are not the same as hers because i dont have 4 adorable little children… more or less like usher, these are my confessions….

(1) i paid exactly zero attention in human resource management this morning. i followed social cues by looking at the people talking, and making “thinking” faces---but i was really just thinking about how i needed a haircut, and waiting for my professor to face the other direction so i could check my vibrating blackberry.

(2) i got chick-fil-a for lunch….even though i had brought a weight watchers smart one to heat and eat. i just couldnt do it. the chick-fil-a magnet was too strong.

(3) i was healthy and got a fruit cup from cfa…..BUT i dipped all the apples in chick-fil-a sauce. its actually quite a yummy “fruit-sauce”….dont judge.

ummmmm so yeah like i said----definitely not usher worthy but confessions of my day none the less.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the mountains.

this past weekend my family and daniel went to the mountains to visit my grandparents.

it was freezing. somehow over the period of a few days, we ended up with freezing temperatures.

we stayed in a cabin which is older and doesnt have the greatest insulation. we had a fire going the entire time, but i still slept in flannel pants, an undershirt, long sleeve t-shirt, and hoodie.

we ventured out to various mountain festivals and even though it was cold and drizzly, we had a lot of fun eating boiled peanuts, funnel cakes, and kettle corn (even though i skipped out on the latter 2).

DSC05564.2 hope everyone else had a great weekend and youre staying warm!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

an open letter to shonda rhimes:

Dear Ms.Rhimes,

You know, OH how you know that I am in fact obsessed with your show.

I never miss an episode- all 6 seasons.

I watch re-runs on Lifetime.

I use the words “seriously”, “dark and twisty”, and “mcdreamy” in every day conversation.

However; I’m not sure about this whole “merger” deal- it is seriously stressful.

I guess it is making for some interesting drama, but seriously I can NOT STAND the Mercy West people. I thought I was going to jump through the TV and punch the guy who was messing with Izzy.

Seriously, Shonda- I dont know how much more of this I can take.

Please dont turn my dear Greys Anatomy into a glorified version of “ER” with better looking actors.

Overall though- um, ya know, keep it up!


A Concerned Fan

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i didnt get sick!!!

this past weekend daniel and i went to fripp island, sc with his family for a long weekend.

we left thursday night and after a flat tire on the side of 75 outside atlanta, stopping to eat, stopping to pee (twice), and traffic….we finally made it about 11:30 pm.


we waited up for his parents- and everyone got to bed about 12:30 am.

but we were up in time to see the sun rise….

DSC04342because we were going deep sea fishing!!!!


when daniel told me that we would be doing this- i kind of started freaking out.

yes i was raised on the lake. i can swim like a fish. and i’ve even caught several fish in my day….but the ocean is a different story.

i was afraid of 2 things:

(1) i would get sea sick, be miserable, and turn green like a cartoon character.

(2) a co-worker of mine told me that when she went deep sea fishing; after they caught a fish- the deck hand took out a bat and beat the fish to death---i was mortified. O.M.G.---i knew i would not be able to handle that. and would probably jump off the boat and swim back to shore if that happened. really.

THANKFULLY though---neither happened.

and i even got to reel in a fish:

DSC04420overall we had a blast! it was a super relaxing and fun weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

workin it out

today marked a pretty momentous day in my pretty monotonous life of school/work/school/work.

(1) for once, i had no pressing homework this evening. and by pressing- i mean anything due tomorrow.

(2) this meant, i worked out.

when you are in school- it is easy to excuse away working out….which i have become a pro at….

today though- as i scrolled through my blackberry calendar events and realized i really did have a semi-free evening---i decided to do it. i’m not really aiming to lose weight- as much as i’m trying to just get back into shape and get toned for my big bridesmaid appearance come next may….

i walked to my apartments gym and jumped on the stationary bike.

pros of the stationary bike: you get to sit making it feel like “semi-lazy” exercising, and power ballad= “the climb”-miley cyrus.

cons: butt sweat (hey whats a blog if you cant be honest), stairs afterward, and less-than-polite words my legs had to say to me afterward.

who knows when the next workout will happen so the 20 minutes and 173 calories (according to the machine) burned today will have to do for a while…..

Monday, October 5, 2009

i’m dramatic.

God has a reason for everything. There is a reason the grass is green. There is a reason the sky is blue. There are reasons that seasons change, as are there reasons that things in life change.

With that said—sometimes I wonder the purpose of the season “cold”…..There is no difference between fall and winter because they are both just cold.

Everyone is all like “ohhhh cooler weather- I LOVE IT- YAY”.

I am not part of that “everyone”….

I miss summer. 2 weeks into “cool-ness” and all I can think about is swimming and laying out.

This past weekend, my family went to the lake to get one last “hoo-rah” before it would be too cold to even do that.

This was me on the boat:

DSC04292dramatic? of course.

It was sunny. The high was 75 degrees. It was winter.

Yes, there is a reason for everything. And a reason that God placed me in the south---because my blood is thinner than a model from Project Runway…and I can barely handle the cold. He knew this, so if He had to give me the season of Winter---at least he put me in a place where I wouldn't have to deal with it for long.

It will be a long winter…..But on the bright side, I’m looking forward to fires in my fireplace, and large hoodies to hide winter flubber and ghostly paleness. I also have an overly large size of flannel pajama pants that I would love to be able to just live in during the months of “cold”.

What about you? How do you deal with the cold?

Sunday, October 4, 2009


do you know what is annoying?...besides really loud TVs, and skinny jeans...

70 question multiple choice accounting II take home tests.

yeah. beat that one.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

king curtis

every now and then, daniel and i will have immensely mature grown up evenings and watch hours tons upon tons of youtube videos.

its kind of like facebook. you just keep clicking from one to the next and before you know it you are watching cats dance to disco music…

anyway…somehow we came across this little gem;

meet curtis. his family was on an episode of wifeswap. he thinks he is a king. and he loves chicken nuggets.

none of that sounds funny. but oh how we have quoted it over and over again. but we are kind of goofy anyway so i dont know…..

if you dont think its funny. let me know and i will figure out how to get you 3 minutes and 21 seconds of your life back.

…but no promises.

Friday, October 2, 2009

how to be a bridesmaid.....

so you may remember, a few months ago (right here) i went out with my fabulous friend whitney to catch up on life, love, and all those other mysteries. we chatted the night away and i heard the beautiful story of a new boy in her life named JD....

as it turns out, he was more than just 'a boy'....he was 'the boy'....or i guess you could say 'the man' of her dreams. i am sooooo excited to say that last wednesday night he proposed and they are getting married in may!!!

ANNNNNND to top it all off, she has given me the honor of being a bridesmaid.

to say i am excited is an understatement. i can not wait to watch one of my closest friends get married. to get to be a part of her unfolding love story is such a blessing.

SOOOO this is going to be my first bridesmaid rodeo---and i need some advice because i want to be nothing less than a fabulous bridesmaid...because, i mean.....

....just look how fabulous she is.....she deserves nothing less than the best!!! (pardon the photo quality- i had to jack this picture off facebook and it doesnt convert well)....

love you whitney!! and sooooo excited for you.