Friday, April 9, 2010

She's Gotta Be.....

Dead? Fully ripped by Jillian Michaels? A blog quitter? Out of the country?

Actually, none of the above. Actually I am still only about 10/30th shredded....(word of the wise: doing the shread 2 days a week is no where near the same as every day....obviously).

Unfortunately the only excuse for my absence is being outrageously busy with work....which is fine, because it has made the past month go by so fast that I was shocked when I realized I hadnt blogged in 4 weeks.

I have missed it, and I have missed having time to comment and read about the lives of many of my favorite bloggers.

....But I'm back.....and better than ever ready to pick back up right where I left....

I have so many things I want to blog about but I felt like first I owed somewhat of an explanation, albeit a weak one.

Hope everyone is off to a super weekend!