Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wedding Planning FAIL

Most little girls have their wedding planned out from the time they realize what a “wedding” is…ummm, well, I was never really that girl.

Of course I have always dreamed a beautiful wedding, but my engineering brain needed to dream in sequence. It was impossible for me to dream about a wedding without first dreaming of the groom.

I can vividly remember lying in bed in elementary school dreaming about who my husband would be one day. Of course, at that age, he looked a lot like Jesse from Full House, and said things to me like “have mercy”….thankfully, we all grow up…and thankfully, through a series of events I can ONLY give credit to God for, I met and began dating Daniel.

Even after we had dated a few months, and I knew, I wouldn't allow myself to dream of a wedding. I daydreamed of life, being a mother, being a wife, but focusing on wedding details seemed silly and I was afraid thinking about it too much would change my focus from a marriage to a wedding before I was even engaged.

Regardless, here I am engaged with NO vision for a wedding besides what I have dreamed of all along- who the groom is.

I flipped through an old journal where I had a page dedicated to “Things for My Wedding” in which I had listed scriptures I want read, and songs I want sung…and while this helped, I still have no idea what color goes with what, or what color I even like. Its like I am all the sudden void of any opinion.

Its so sad, and embarrassing.

“So Katelyn, what are your wedding colors going to be? Whats the reception going to be like? Who will come?”

“Well, actually, see, I kind of, FAIL, at being a girl and have thought of NONE of this until now and I really, honestly, have NO idea."

Here is what I know; I KNOW I want the wedding to be Christ centered because oh how I can think of no other word than blessed to describe the past 2 years of my life with Daniel and what it has meant to have a Christ-centered relationship. I KNOW I want people who come to leave feeling blessed from being part of a beautiful celebration. I KNOW I want our campus minister to marry us and my sister to be my maid of honor. I KNOW the colors will not include pink or purple.

Thankfully, Daniel is a very hands-on groom and has spent several evenings flipping through websites and magazines to help me build a vision of a meaningful, elegant, and fun wedding.

It will be a celebration, I KNOW that, even if I don’t know the colors, place, time, or number of guests. ;)

Am I the only one who fails at wedding planning?


  1. Oh, what a beautiful post! I think the hardest thing is getting started :( Once you have a VISION then it is super easy to build of that! Blessings on it all - if you have questions, I'd love to help! was my best friend during the planning. It helps organize timelines and offers some fun ideas through pictures (that always helps me!) let me know!

    Blessings in 2010!

  2. Hey Sweet Friend! Bless your heart! I so can relate to exactly how you are feeling! It's like once you get engaged everyone starts bombarding you with questions that you just want to say, "Please back off and let me catch my breath"!!!!!!!!!!! But you want to be sweet and you appreciate that everyone is sweet and cares about you guys, however you do need time to truly experience all that God has in store for you and Daniel during this engagement season. It is very important and you can never get this time back so make every moment count! And don't worry! No matter what anyone tells you, everything will get done and your wedding will be a fairy tale! A dream come true! Just pray and ask the Lord to prepare your hearts as you and Daniel prepare for this day. Just trust Him to guide you as you make each decision and don't fret! You will be a beautiful bride! Here's my email if you ever need to vent: Trust me I know how important it can be to vent to someone who really cares and who has been there. So I'm here for you girl! Oh and I wanted to tell you too that my husband and I decided to to make our blog(s) "invite only" so if you'll send me your email I will send you and invite so that you can continue to have access to our blog(s). Have a wonderful day and a Happy New Year!

    Your Blogging Friend Amy :)