Monday, December 21, 2009

Adventures in….Life

Today we had a mother/daughter lunch with a heard (probably not the best word) of some of my closest friends from high school. We met at the Applebees in our hometown.

I feel like I’ve grown up in this Applebees. Dinners after dance practice in elementary school. First dates. Group dates. Shopping dates. I’ve spent a lot of time there, so I was kind of surprised when at high noon in the midst of shopping madness the parking lot was practically empty.

Buttt since we had a large party, I was kind of relieved to get in and quickly be seated…..

Right before we sat down, one of the girls happened to notice the food rating sign on the wall with a grade of 69….No I’m not dyslexic. Let me spell it: sixty-nine.

Um so the 9 of us, in 8 different cars stood there a second, and decided to just go with it….surely they would have brought that up??….haha….So it sounds a whole lot crazier while I type it….but no one has gotten sick yet…..yet. (and the food was actually really good so IDK)…Do you pay attention to the ratings? I know some people are pretty avid about checking those.

In other news, tonight I decided to start making a little excel sheet of possible guests. I must have been naive to say “Oh surely I will have no more than 100 people on mine”….WRONG….

Just my list of family/friends soley from MY life (and people I really cant cut) came to 160….We also still have to add  mutual friends and Daniels family/friends…

Oh goodness, how do you make cuts and not hurt feelings? 


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Katelyn! I agree - we have many similarities :) It is going to be fun following along on your journey as you plan the biggest day of your life! Josh [my husband] and I decided it was easier to just invite EVERYONE. Haha we had a wedding with 500 guests. Seems crazy, right? I guess to each their own. Blessings on coming up with the list. Once you are done with that... you will probably feel SO relieved! Merry CHRISTmas :)

  2. Ps. Only there is a % that do not come. I think 75% of the guests we invited came! Hope that helps! Are you on That is a great planning website :)

  3. So I did my original guest list on Excel then realized that The Knot has an AWESOME guest list organizer - you should definitely check it out!! You can actually export your Excel spreadsheet onto the site. To narrow down your list, they give you a choice for A-List people and B-List people.... Makes it a lot easier I think.

    Just don't forget anyone... somehow I accidentally forgot to put one of my bridesmaids and her family on the list. Didn't notice it until I got back from dessert with her the other night. Yea. It was the Bridges. What?!? Ridiculous. Don't forget to put "The Todd's" on the list when you do yours! Haha - oh yea... and you made my guest list increase by 8 (just in case Z brings a date)! haha! I'll have to knock off some B-listers. :/ Love you!!