Friday, January 8, 2010

milk, eggs, and bread….

I’m from the south. I’ve been raised to color dirt in coloring books ‘red’, call any soft drink ‘coke’, and shut down all internal logic/reason with any threat of snow.

Lately it has been intensely cold in the south and even more lately we have had ‘snow clouds’ move through our state.

I am convinced that I experience cold more intensely than most people, so all this coldness has been especially hard on my thin like water blood. I don't like it. I especially don't like ‘in your face’ cold (read: wind).

Regardless of my ‘disdain’ for cold and ice and snow and sleet and freezing rain and wind…I can NOT stop watching the news about the recent snow flurries in my state. It is a sickness.

Evening news. Bundled up reporter. Parking lot of grocery store. Bundled up people……Interviews.

Talk about a combination for some good uh-mazing TV.

Reporter: “So what are you picking up from the store tonight?”

Person: “Oh you know I had to get the staples- milk, eggs, bread…”

WHY? Why are the staples in a snow storm milk, eggs, and bread?

Yesterday, the only thing I was concerned about having (should I get iced in, which I actually am) were diet cokes and Ramen. I knew I couldn't live without the DC (duh) and Ramen is filling and warm. Boom. Done.

If you’re in North Georgia today, stay off the roads and just read blogs all day!

For you more North people who were raised with all this snow stuff- what are your snow ration staples?

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