Monday, December 7, 2009

No Tree Left Behind

this year the earth shook and the ground quaked and a family tradition changed.

typically every year my mom, dad, sister, and I go together to pick out our Christmas tree…

until this year. since both zadie and I are in college our schedules just didn't work to be at home the same time and so my parents were forced to go get a tree on their own.

so without my sister and I there to protest, my parents picked a meager size tree for our living room corner.


(thats my little dog at the bottom!!)

my dad calls it the “No Tree Left Behind” act…in which every tree, even the small ones, deserve a home for Christmas! haha

I am sure with the economy many families will be participating but in the end a tree is a tree and I cant wait to go home to see ours in real life!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Ha ha ha! This was the first year I wasn't able to pick out my Christmas tree with my family too!

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    have a great week