Wednesday, December 9, 2009

study love notes

this is the last week of classes for me. i dont really have tests, but i have a bunch of projects and presentations (which are kind of worse…) i cant wait for Christmas break when i can get back on my old lady schedule and go to bed before 12 (probably even before 11…haha)

anyway i feel like i havent seen daniel for 3 days. he has been busy with his projects and tests so he goes to his apartment and i go to mine…but we send little emails back and forth as study breaks which makes the work a little easier! haha.

today was a beautiful day! i actually walked outside and wasnt immediately chilled to the bone. its like a heat wave in GA….

however; it has been really windy! when my dad and i went to lunch i thought i was going to blow away! (my dad and i have “daddy/daughter” lunch dates every wednesday because he works close to my school.)

time to get back to work! <3

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