Tuesday, December 1, 2009

do you neti?

if not, then you should….

the neti pot looks like this:


and it is used like this:


in which the water (saline solution) flows through one nostril, all through your sinus cavity and out the other nostril….

yummy right?…no, not really.

effective, right?….YES, extremely.

i come from a long line of bad sinus’ (i cant really prove that past my parents but you get the point) and i have suffered with sinus headaches and infections all through my life UNTIL the neti pot.

i am not really sure how it works “medically speaking” besides that it rinses out all the gunk and makes you blow your nose a lot and *poof* headaches are gone and infections dont happen.

the point is, with the weather getting colder and yuckiness *read flu/cold* in the air, i have pulled out my neti pot to prepare.

at the sign of any headache/pressure i have used it and instantly felt better.

my other cold/flu combatants equal a multi vitamin every morning, a cup of V8 juice, and zicam on hand.

zicam is a whole other post. that stuff is awesome too.

stay healthy!!!! and happy december!

1 comment:

  1. I've tried the Neti pot but I'm convinced my sinuses are broke - I can't get the water to come out the other side!

    Seriously, where does it go?!?!