Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a wonderful wednesday

so this morning when i stepped outside i learned two things:

(1) the cute summer dress i was wearing was entirely inappropriate for the “unseasonably” cool day we were having.

(2) the 10% chance of rain provided by the weatherman was missing a “0” on the end.

i went and got my haircut! and i love it. i also bought a new unreasonably expensive hair dryer but i believe it will be completely worth it. sometimes you do get what you pay for and this thing rocks. i wish i had a “before/after” shot but i’ll give a “before” description instead: dry, brittle, stringy hair. and then below is the “after” shot.


tonight me and the boyfriend hung out, cooked some dinner, and i watched him play with his new bike.

and well….thats pretty much it!



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