Thursday, May 21, 2009

i’m bad at thinking of titles….

today i slum-dogged it to class and wore jeans and a t-shirt. and then i saw this girl all dressed up in a little cute sun dress (a dress which i also own) and i was like “man, i should really have put a little more effort into myself today” lol.

buttttt i wore this shirt…so my cool points went back up a little bit….


it was kind of sad though because there is one other girl in my class today and she was old and could not appreciate the antiquity and cuteness of my american girl t-shirt. and there were of course no guys who came up to me and said “oh wow- i have an american girl doll too. lets play together”…..

anyway this weekend i plan to:

(1) get to sleep before 2 am. (it has not happened this week).

(2) not sit around and eat all day…

i’m so ready to get to the lake. daniel still isnt off work yet and then we have our small group bible study before we can leave….we wont get there till like 11:30 late.

i want chipotle.

this entry is very spastic.

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  1. I might possibly write a comment on your blog daily because I feel like I can connect with you better that way. I totally appreciate the shirt. That's all that matters. And I'm kind of glad that no guy said he appreciated your shirt - I would be deeply concerned if a guy said, "hey, let's play together." Creepy. I'm proud of you for not wanting to wear that big preggie suit - however, those push-down legging things are SICK! I would totally wear them, without being pregnant. On my legs AND on my arms. I might buy some tomorrow morning and wear them to class tomorrow afternoon. No. I've made up my mind. It's going down. In Wal-Mart tomorrow. I'll take pictures.