Tuesday, May 12, 2009

new at this

Thoughts on Today:

(1) I saw a women single handedly fill up a landfill as she pulled like 10 paper towels to dry her hands. No wonder places are replacing paper towels with hand dryers. (totally frustrating because my hands dont feel clean if I cant dry them with a paper towel.)

(2) I am so happy my cute room mate is home so I dont have to stay in the apartment all alone---even though I am mad at her because she is nice and tan.

(3) I’m kind of excited about classes starting…which makes me a total lame-o. Even more so I am excited about my IE classes….

(4) I feel gross because I ate taco bell for dinner…even if it was really good.

(5) I cant wait to get my hair cut tomorrow.

(6) Today I am reminded that I am thankful that God is never-changing even through my ups and downs….He is still faithful and in control.

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