Wednesday, May 27, 2009


here was my morning:

10:12- arrived on campus and parked in student center parking                                                                 10:15- quick meeting with my advisor
10:25- went to student center and got a parking pass for the summer.                                                           10:27- walked out of student center
10:28- ran frantically through the parking lot screaming at the girl writing/placing a ticket on my car.
10:30- she agreed to void the ticket for "failure to display proper sticker" since i had parked to *uh-hum* "just go in and get my sticker"
10:31- she laughed at me for sprinting across campus while yelling and waving my arms
10:35- drove car over to presidents office (where i work on campus) to park
10:45- dad calls to go to lunch
10:55- walk out to my car
10:56- cussed because i had a ticket for "parking in undesignated area" under my windshield.

apparently i am only allowed to park in the commuter lot.

i guess you win some and you lose some.

P.S. my mom almost got a ticket today too. must be genetic or something.

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  1. ha! Campus cops (or "parking Nazi's" as we so thoughtfully referred to them) are ruthless.