Wednesday, May 20, 2009

its my life.

today was good. i dont have class till 6:00 pm on mondays and wednesdays which is weird because…well i dont know why its weird..but it is….so anyway i worked in the presidents office then went back to the apartment for a little bit before i headed out on a date with myself to chick-fil-a. i hadnt been there in like 6 days and i was having withdrawals. it was yummy. i sat in my car and listened to podcasts on my ipod while i ate. (after i read back over the past few sentences it makes me feel like a fatty loser…but…well…haha)

class was long…and boring…but my management professor is like the cutest old man i have ever seen. he has this gray wirey comb-over thing going on and he wears a suit and tie every day. it makes me smile. he seems to like me ever since he found out i co-oped at shaw. every thing that comes up in class he somehow finds a way to ask me “how shaw does it…” haha.

after i went to daniels and we hung out for a little bit and caught up on the day. he finally found a place to live and what seems to be a really nice guy to live with. i am so thankful. God is so good in working things out in his perfect timing…

now i’m just sitting in my apartment, perusing facebook, and avoiding doing laundry….lol.

my cute roommate is obsessed with older music and this is her song of the day….so its in my head which kind of makes it my song of the day….

lake this weekend!!!! YAY!



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  1. Katelyn:
    I miss you so freaking bad. You don't even know. Reading your posts reminded me of how much I miss your humor. I need to feed off you so my humor rating can increase by ginormous decibels. I can't go to sleep because I made a mock dinner that included cutting up poblano peppers. My fingers on my left hand could practically shoot flames because it is on fire. Wear gloves if you try to cut them up. Oh yea, and I made a mock dinner because I'm actually cooking for a boy next Friday. A boy who was my Management GTA. hahaha - he's really handsome though. Not old. And he doesn't wear bowties. I just wanted to connect with you on the level of management classes. Can't wait to tell you about him... even though nothing will probably happen after I cook dinner for him and we go see a movie. Yea, long story. It's over. I can already tell. And we haven't even went out yet. I don't even think it's a date. Ok - that was my trail of thought. Hope you enjoyed.
    Miss you. Love you. Keep being funny.