Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh Mr.Sun

Dear Rain,

Since I am better at writing my feelings than discussing them AND since you are a weather element and not an actual person, I felt it necessary to address a few grievances with you in letter format.

This weekend was Memorial Day. Aside from what it means when it comes to remembering the men and women who fight for our country; it is also, in essence, opening weekend for summer!

Your messenger, the weatherman, informed us you would be coming but I hoped you would at least be polite about it.

Friday you came in the afternoon as promised and then the skies cleared. The family grilled hamburgers and watched the skies convinced of your absence. We prepared the outdoor table and chairs and all sat down to enjoy a meal on the deck with a nice view of the lake.

I can only assume you were jealous of our fine meal and that is why you decided to open your flood gates right as we were midway into the meal, thus forcing us to not just grab our food; but grab the entire table and carry it into the basement before we were drenched.

Saturday we pulled out the boat to clean and prepare for the rest of the summer with the promise and hope, yet again, from Mr.Weatherman that you would stay at bay until the afternoon. Unfortunately, mid-boat-clean you came, and apparently tried to “help” us clean the boat, soaking us all in the process.

Sunday was no different, in your on-again, off-again appearances.

But the most frustrating part of it all is how today, Monday, the day we had to pack up and head home, you were no where to be found and allowed the sun to shine down on us all day long…..*giant sigh*

We are going to have to come to some sort of agreement, Mr.Rain or this is going to be a very long summer.




A view of all the clouds rolling in…

Don't worry though, we did have some sunshine, and had a great time at the lake!

We were even able to go ride around on the boat a little bit.





This is our dog Charlie. He loves going out on the lake and riding up front with my sister and me….until he hears the motor get loud and he knows he better jump in one of our laps quick!

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