Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick Weight Loss Plan?

A week ago my mom got sick. Real sick with a stomach virus. Neither my sister or I were home so my dad took good care of her but eventually had to take her to the ER  before she was able to get a little better.

24 hours later my dad got sick. Real sick with the same stomach virus. (although he didn't have to go to the ER because my mom just shared some of her drugs with him.)

24 hours after that they were better. Weak but better. and my Mom started cleaning* like crazy.

*Some people might read that and be like “yeah yeah cleaning”---but my Mom is the woman who would tell me to clean my room. I would scrub for hours, she would come in, find dust on the blinds and asked me how I LIVED LIKE THIS!!! The woman knows how to clean. She's borderline germ-o-phobe.

Anyway, this past weekend Daniel was working Saturday and my sister had school stuff, so I decided to go home and check in on my parents…resting assured the germs would be gone.

24 hours after I got home I got sick. REAL SICK. Up allllll night long sick with my Mom until about 4:30 when I felt well* enough for my Dad to take me to the ER.

*When I say ‘well’, I mean the intervals between throwing up were about 20 minutes so I thought I could stomach the 19 minute ride to the hospital.

I had to get 3 bags of fluids, and 3 shots of meds before I finally joined the living again.

Today I am SO much better. Still weak and NO food sounds good but better….

Being sick absolutely stinks but I was thankful to be home for my Mommy to take care me….although she said it would have been good in sickness and in health practice for Daniel. haha.

Now my Mom and I are just freaking out because this SUPER virus must not react to Lysol and Clorox or it is hiding in places that our Lysol and Clorox don’t reach….Pray we can get rid of it though and no one else has to suffer from it.

It. Is. AWFUL.

In the end though, our family has lost a combined weight of about 10 pounds from it….I’d rather just exercise….


Hope everyone else is staying well!


  1. OH. NO!

    You have to use something STRONG to kill it!!! I am so sorry to hear this... praying no one else gets it. Kinda funny about the weight loss, but I agree... sweating/soreness beats throwing up ANY day. Glad to hear you are well again!


  2. Hmm..not the best way for weight loss...but it is weight loss. I don't want to get sick either, but I should would like to take off some pounds.

  3. oh, I am so sorry, ick!! Found you through Life as a Wife! =