Saturday, January 30, 2010

allow me to introduce…

So, personally, I always enjoy a blog that introduces all the characters that appear in that blog.

So I have decided to start doing that….maybe I will do someone new every week, or maybe it will be every other, or maybe it will just be when ever I remember…

This week….

Allow me to introduce my fiancé, Daniel.

IMG_0133 I met Daniel in Calculus. One of my first memories of him was him asking our minimal-english-speaking professor a question in his extremely deep southern drawl and the professor having absolutely no idea what he was saying….A few weeks later he followed me out of class and invited me to Bible study with him….

Daniel is interested in two main things; guns and cars.

If you are interested even in the slightest bit about either one of these things, he will probably be able to talk to you for hours.

(Chances are though, you could be interested in basket weaving, and he would find a way to carry on a conversation. He has a gift for meeting people exactly where they are. He has never met a stranger.)

Daniel is a clean freak. He cleans his bathroom about every week, and his room is always tidy. (oh and I totally LOVE this about him- haha.)

Daniel is happiest when he is doing something. Playing a game. Going somewhere. Fixing something. ANYTHING- he does not like to be sitting still for long. (Sometimes this is a problem. I love downtime.)

Daniel dislikes two main things; stupid people and stupid things.

In traffic if someone cuts him off, he will pull up behind them and put on his brights….even though I tell him (in the middle of the day) that, that is not effective or Christ-like.

Mostly though, he just likes order and when things are out of order his engineering brain wants to fix it. He (and me) work (are convicted most) on patience and love of others even if they don’t do things the way we think they should be done….

At the end of the day, perhaps the funniest Daniel is a sleepy Daniel.DSC04240

He typically falls asleep in the strangest places, at the randomest times.

One time at my parents house, he had ‘gone to bed’. A few hours later my sister and I headed to our room but saw the lights still on in his room. I knocked, no response so we peeked in and he was passed out asleep across the bed, on top of the covers and everything….I was just going to put a blanket on him, but first I said “Are you hot, or are you cold?” in which he replied “I’m Daniel…”

My sister and I laughed for about a solid hour after that….

He is funny, smart, and an amazing man of God.

My heart leaps at the thought of marrying him.

He is a definite main character in this blog so I hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peek into who he is!

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