Thursday, January 28, 2010

just feeling blessed

so i need to go to bed….and yet i cant pull myself away from blogs….and then i decided to go ahead and update my blog as well!

so i havent talked about it much, but i am back working full time currently for my ‘co-op’ for school….basically i take a semester off from classes and, well, work…..full time in a job in my major.

my major is industrial engineering….which means i am working in a manufacturing setting.

i really like my job. it is fun and interesting and i have had the chance to meet a lot of really nice people.

it is also a ‘boys club’ meaning i am pretty much the only ‘management’ woman in my department. (i’m not a manager, but i’m not a plant associate so i work with all the managers.)

tonight i decided i needed some girl time so i called up two ladies i hadnt seen in a while and we spent the evening chatting and catching up.

i am SO thankful for good christian girls in my life to talk to and keep my accountable.

i am definitely refreshed and ready to face another day at the ‘boys club’….haha

and then the WEEKEND!!!


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  1. Hey Girlie! I have been in a similar work environment before and can totally relate to the "very much needed girl time"! Hope you enjoyed your time with your friends and are ready to face your Friday head on! Oh and I also wanted you to know that I did get your very sweet email and I apoligize for not responding to it yet! I promise to email you back very soon! I hope things are going great for you! This is such an exciting time in your life! Remember to make every moment count!

    Remember to smile! =)
    ~ Amy