Monday, March 8, 2010

1 day shredded. 29 more to go.

Today was the day. I ate CFA for lunch and promised myself a hardcore Jillian workout tonight.

I go to my DVD player, press open and prepare to pop in the torture.

Only my DVD player would not open….shaking did nothing. Hitting did nothing. and pausing to update my status on twitter really did nothing….

….so I did what any MacGyver engineer would do…



After taking the whole thing apart and removing all the doo-dads, I determined that I knew nothing about DVD players.

Sooo I considered forgetting it, turning on the TV and playing on FB all night…but then I looked down and saw Jillians “grr” face and came up with the next best option.

I unscrewed the top doo-dad, put the DVD in, then screwed it back on….who needs those doors anyway…I felt like I was putting a record on a record player…ancient, I know…haha

It was an intense workout, but I think it is do-able. 20 minutes a day isn't that bad, and I am glad that you can increase intensities once the workout becomes easier…I’ll be on level 1 for a while.

happy monday everyone!

<3 katelyn


  1. Good job! Hollye and I did the Shred tonight too! :)

  2. Pausing to update twitter didn't make me laugh!

  3. Wow, girl- you put way more energy into fixing the DVD player than I would for a workout! Of course I hate to workout and I'd totally consider the entire process of fixing the DVD player a workout in itself!

  4. That DVD player is almost brand new! Is it made in China or the USA? I'm just sayin....

  5. Haha! So funny! That sounds so like me... something doesn't work? Take a screw driver to it and find out why... who cares that you don't know anything about dvd players :) Taking things apart always seems to help! You are better than I am, I would've just taken it as a sign from God that I should exercise that night!

  6. Hahaha! Too funny! I've had the Shred for over a year and have still yet to make it to level 2 (consistency is clearly not my strong point)! Best of luck with it!

  7. Way to go! :) So funny! I'm your new follower!