Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quack Quack

This past weekend my family went down to the lake.

The lake is home for me. We absolutely love our neighbors there and have such a great community.

Last summer one of our neighbors bought 6 ducklings. When they were teeny-tiny she left them in a cage in her basement and I got to hold and play with them. I was thrilled to do that until one of them peed in my hand….moving on though….

She raised them until they were old enough to be let go into the lake.

Two of them have gone missing mysteriously, but the other 4 swim around our cove and always end back up on our neighbors dock, then wander into her garden to snack and quack around…


IMG_0084… then my dog Charlie sees that I am obviously in peril and comes running after me to save me from the ducks…


….quickly ending their snack and quack time….


…but none-the-less giving me a chance to try my hand at ‘wildlife photography’…haha..

hope everyone had lovely weekends!!


  1. I have always wanted to hold a duckling - I used to live on a boat and we'd see them swim by, but of course they only stopped for food. Are they as fluffy and soft as they look?

  2. Great pics! soo pretty! I would love to live by a lake