Monday, May 3, 2010

A story about a little something I like to call….

Divine Providence.

Today I had a final exam. I left work a little early. Swung by Chick-Fil-A then headed to the school.

I sat in the parking lot and ate my lunch while I studied. I turned my car off-ish….Like the car was off but the clock/radio was still on. I sat there for 30 minutes, then headed inside and rocked out my test.

Before my test I was talking with a guy, Steven, who I have had numerous classes with. We were discussing “Senior Project”- a class he had just finished taking, and one I’ll have in the fall. (The final huge class before you graduate).

After my test, I walked across campus to see the ladies I work with at my on-campus job. I caught up with them for a while, then made the trek back to my car.

Because of construction on campus, I had to walk through a classroom building to get to the parking deck and I ran into Steven as he was coming out of another test.

We jumped right back into our conversation on Senior Project and both walked towards the parking deck. My car was closer than his so we walked to my car still talking and I offered to drive him over to his.

We got in the car, and I went to crank it.

Nothing. Nada. Just that scary “nnnnnnneeeee” sound which roughly translates to “Um, you’re stuck”

Steven was like “Uh you’re battery is dead. I have jumper cables. I’ll jump you off real quick.”

I look to my left, empty parking space right next to my car. (Which almost NEVER happens in our jam packed parking lot).

I save the spot. He comes back. Jumps my car off. Easy-peasy (or something).

*sigh*. It was such a God thing. It could have been a whole lot more hectic. (1) Since I didn't know of anyone else on campus who could jump me off RIGHT THEN. and (2) Because it would have almost been impossible to jump me off regardless with a car right next to me because the spots are so tight.

Has God shown up and shown off in your life like this lately? And even in situations that might not go as blatantly easy as this one, be sure to look to Him and always know things could be a lot worse. There is always something to be thankful for!


  1. I love it when this happens! Girl, you need to learn to jump your own battery though! :)

  2. That's so great that you were able to get help right then. Glad for you. I love your blog it is really cute. :)