Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Feeling like MacGy(Girl)ver

So you know how its like 11:00 pm, you have a huge work presentation the next morning, and your favorite pair of khaki pants can only be worn with stripper high heeled boots because they are so long and even with aforementioned boots they are STILL too long because you are vertically challenged ???

No? You don't know about that? Oh- well, I’m like a pro in that scenario….and it brought on panic until I remembered how my mom had gotten me a sewing kit for Christmas.

I’m not a “sew-er”…… but the kit has come in handy with safety pins and a lint roller and lots of different pretty yarns that I dream about maybe one day learning how to use….except not last night, but as I dug through the kit I stumbled across a ‘semi-homemade’ kind of girls dream…


Heat N Bond.

Genius? Yes.

Works? YES.

I was so excited because I have several pairs of pants I never wear because they aren't really wearable unless I have super high heels on. The world is brighter for short people everywhere!

And for all you amazing ladies out there who can sew---God bless you. Maybe one day I will learn and be crafty, but until then, it is “Heat N Bond City” on my ironing board.


(PS: Thanks to all the sweet new followers I have for your comments. I promise to get back on my game in commenting here soon, but for right now I’m just trying to get back into blogging period! I appreciate you all! <3)


  1. Nice!! It's always fun to have an "engineering" moment lol. I definitely have the opposite problem... my jeans are never long enough. I wish there was something out there for that.

  2. I can't sew, so I really think that I need to have something like that!

  3. Holy cow!! I love that stuff! The stuff I grew up using is called Stitch Witchery. Seriously, love at first sight.