Tuesday, November 3, 2009

tricky tricky

I will now sum up my past few days in only a few paragraphs. GO.

I didnt do halloween. the original plans we had fell through and so we were kind of stuck with…nothing…We ended up hanging out with some friends. No one was dressed up, and we had no trick or treaters----but we played Apples to Apples until like 3 am.

Sunday was our “anniversary”. We went to church Sunday morning. It was a our second time visiting this particular church and we really really like it.

After church, we went back to my apartment to cook lunch and had a conversation similar to this:

Me: “Man, I’d really like to take my car to a car wash. Its growing toxic mold so nasty.”

Daniel: “It would be so much cheaper if we just washed it ourselves. I have soap and stuff.”

Me: “But if we wash it ourselves we wont have time for me to spend the afternoon watching movies and reading blogs to go to Microcenter*. Wouldnt you like to go up there?”

Daniel: “Ooooh yeah, I guess we will just run it through the car wash and then go to Microcenter.”

**Microcenter=nerd heaven of where computer parts and technology go to die.

Soooo that is how good my reverse psychology is. It was way too cold for us to wash my car ourselves anyway- and the drive thru did just fine!

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