Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 years

technically halloween night is the 2 year anniversary of when daniel asked me to be his girlfriend. i was up late studying and he had gone to the BCM costume party, because baptists dont celebrate halloween ;) , and then he came by my apartment to say hello….

we had only been dating a month but it had been so easy. i was praying and i knew he was praying and everything was just…good.

so that halloween night, he arrived at my apartment shockingly dressed as a cowboy and asked if i would be his girlfriend. i said yes…and then realized it was still halloween which seemed like a weird day for a romantic event… we just waited till after midnight to put it on facebook because that makes everything official anyway. regardless, i say our anniversary is november 1st.

the past 2 years have by far not been easy. but i am thankful for that.

it is the moments when we have fought together, sobbed together, been on our knees praying together, and faced tremendous challenges and struggles as a couple when i have seen him for the amazing man he is. its those times i’ve been challenged and God has molded me into the woman i am today.

tonight as we headed to dinner and a movie i said, “i’m glad to be going on a date with you. you are my favorite boyfriend!”

he said “really? i’m your favorite….its for my good looks and money right?”

and as we went to get our $3.00 a piece slice of pizza---i said, “yes, its totally for your money.”

i love you daniel! happy anniversary!

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