Wednesday, June 17, 2009


When I was growing up, my family lived on a cul-de-sac  which was really nice because we were back in the neighborhood and that meant it was a little bit quieter of a street with plenty of room to ride bikes, drive Barbie cars, and rollerblade (a lost art form btw).

I don't remember anything too specific about playing in the street except that EVERY time before I walked out the door, my mother saying “If a car comes, GET OUT OF THE ROAD---COMPLETLEY, move all your stuff over---QUICKLY”…..

As I type it, it seems so obvious. Car coming. Move out of road. Easy…..NOT.

My boyfriend just moved. He was in one neighborhood and now he is in another. Both neighborhoods are full of kids who have missed this message.

I will be driving through…slowly because its a curvy road and I am always on the look out for kids. They are easy to spot though because they are typically RIGHT in the middle of the road. When they see me, they look annoyed because well- they realize my Camry will not fit between them, and a mailbox. Then ever so slowly, they roll their bikes out of the way.

I have even had kids stay on their bikes in the middle of the road, and I’ve followed them until I finally reach boyfriends house.

Crazy. Has anyone else noticed this rude neighborhood kid trend? Or other things that this upcoming generation just doesn't understand?

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