Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keith Urban/Taylor Swift

I am on a blog roll….I am trying to catch up with everything going on---so I have to fill you in on the Keith Urban concert.

We had a blast. Our seats were nose-bleed-ish, but luckily my moms camera has a good zoom- and they really werent that bad.

Boyfriend absolutely loved it! He air guitared quite a bit, and I just danced in my seat. haha…..and I use the term “danced” loosely.

DSC04225 I love Taylor Swift. I think she is a great girl and her music speaks directly to all those teenage girls in awkward middle school and early high school years. We were actually sitting behind two such girls, there with their parents. It was so cute watching them scream the lyrics to “Picture to Burn.”


Then Keith Urban came out…and he is just so talented. I’m not very music savvy but I know the boy can play a guitar. Boyfriend was mostly impressed with how he walked through the audience still playing his guitar while people were like grabbing him and touching him.


I know its kind of blurry but you can see him right there-----> with his bodyguard and he is still holding his guitar.



This picture is when he came to play in the center….I like the lighting and how everyone's arms are up….It makes me feel like a photographer….haha. 


I really like this one because of the lighting…and well its Keith Urban….

It was a fun night!


  1. wow, you took some really good pictures! taylor swift looks adorable. that's a good picture of you too! your highlights are really pretty. i'm you two had fun. :)


  2. and you are such an amazing photographer.

    ps: i love that you call daniel "boyfriend." if i had a boyfriend, i would call him "the boyfriend." :) miss you!