Wednesday, June 10, 2009

babies. toddlers. teenagers. adults.

my roommate, among her many attributes, is an aunt to a beautiful little 2 month-ish old baby. last night her entire family was at our apartment celebrating her birthday, and i got to sit and hold baby benjamin for at least an hour as he rested peacefully in my lap smelling of all the yummy things babies smell of. it was wonderful- especially the fact that i got a nice little baby fix and didnt have to change a diaper or stay up all night. :)

and since i’m on the subject of babies- let me move to toddlers. there is a toddler who lives right above me. i assume he is a toddler—but with the amount he runs back and forth across the apartment at all hours of the day and night- you would think he was a robot, because the kid seemingly never stops. tonight he was especially awake and i believe his parents must make him run laps around the apartment before they feed him or something. i dont know but he is loud. i’m thinking about buying them one of those kid leashes and telling them to take him outside to run.

now teenagers. there were swarms of them on my campus today for freshman orientation- bright eyed and ready to go. it has definitely made me think a lot about how college has changed me since i was at my own freshman orientation. i have learned and grown so much and i know this is only the beginning.

i know i am not a baby, toddler, or teenager anymore…but its hard to look in the mirror and call myself an adult. what a big word. you think they would have come up with a transition word for 20-something's; kind of like 12 year olds are “tweens”. phew- just the word is awkward.

i’m not sure when i will officially feel like an adult but i definitely dont feel like any of the above….haha.

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