Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sleeping is good.

Since Saturday, I have had trouble sleeping just thinking and absorbing the fact that my neighbor was dead. Since yesterday was the funeral, last night the exhaustion finally hit me. Daniel dropped me off at my apartment at 9:00, I walked in, crashed on my bed and fell asleep. I woke up about 10 realizing I should put on my pajamas and brush my teeth....and then I slept....I slept till 8 this morning...and that is just because I had set my alarm for 8.

I feel so much better after my long good night of sleep. The funeral was mixed with laughter and tears as many friends and family stood up to share stories they had of Gib. I learned a lot more about my neighbor than I had known before--making me want him alive even more to give him a hard time about the new things I had learned. haha. His son even went up to the podium and spoke of his father so eloquently that I forgot he was only 12 years old.

I am still not sure if Gib had accepted Christ in his life, and it is not my position to judge or question but the whole experience has even more so affirmed my faith. I am so thankful to be covered by grace and free from my sins. I am so thankful to not have a fear of death because I trust in the ultimate giver of life.

Well now it is time to go to sleep again. Coming soon to a blog near you (mine) will be an interview with a crazy girl (me) on her upcoming fall semester. It will be enthralling and intense, but most of all- stay tuned.

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