Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lets pretend….

….like it hasnt been oh, idk, a month since i last posted….k?

Today I want to tell you about this amazing hair product that I have my hairdresser has discovered. It is called “MoroccanOil”.

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About a year ago, I went on Accutane (another blog post all together) for my skin to help improve acne. It did wonders for my skin, but not so much for my hair. I was left with a beautiful complexion but really dry/brittle hair.

Even since Ive been off Accutane though, my hair has still not completely recovered so I lay products on thick every time I blow-dry hoping to soften it out.

MoroccanOil is pretty much the end all/beat all of products. It makes my hair sooooo soft- almost like it is straight from the salon and it smells beautifully!

I highly recommend it even if you dont have really dry hair. It just makes your hair have a great sheen and softness.

Thats all! <3

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