Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oh jake….

Here are some quick thoughts while watching the Bachelor.

*Date with Tenley:

Wow, I really like Tenley, I hope he chooses her.”

Seriously Jake, lose the mock turtleneck.”

*Double date with Gia/Vienna:

Poor Gia is stuck on this awful date with awful Vienna.”

What is Vienna wearing? And why is she wandering around a castle by herself?”

*Date with Corrie:

“Corrie seems really sweet.”

~Corrie claims her virginity~

OH MY GOSH I love Corrie. She is such a nice girl. He is an idiot if he doesn’t pick her especially because he is going on and on about how he respects that. Wow I really like Jake because he is being so cool with it all!”

*Date with Ali:

Ali is really obnoxious and saying and doing everything Jake wants. Shes fake. I dont like her.”

*Rose Ceremony:

Wow. I hate Jake. He is an idiot for keeping Vienna. I dont like her.”

And then I thought about how stupid this show is and how I shouldn't watch it anymore, and then the previews came on, and I set a reminder in my blackberry for next week.

Mmmmm family time…should be interesting!!

Which girl is your pick for Jake???


  1. Oh! I totally think just like you! Every week I think, why am I watching this? My favorite is Tenley. =)